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Following the basic principles of good governance, providing services in order to fulfill the public policies of the government and engaging mutually with the public by solving the issues pertaining to resource coordination and containment of Permanent plans, together with the effective participation of the people.



Introduction to Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary Area

History Information

King Vijaya from Lata (presently known as Gujarat) in India arrived to Sri Lanka from the area called Thammennawa situated in the Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary area. It is proved by the ancient ruins in the Kudiramalai area which is also in our Divisional Secretary area. The ruins of the Kuveni’s mansion and evidence for staying them in the area have also found from Kudiramalai. The population in this area is still increasing very slowly due to less social and economic facilities, low rainfall and dry climate.

Geographical features

Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary area is situated in the Puttalam District and it is bordered to the Mannar District in North, Anuradhapura and Kurunegala Districts in East, Indian Ocean in West. The main cultivation crops of the people  of the area  are coconut and cashew as well as people engages in freshwater fishing.

Administrative details
The largest Divisional Secretary Division among 16 DS Divisions in the Puttalam District with a land area of 710.4 square kilometers. There are 45 villages and 17 Grama Seva Divisions and the 18,770 population.
Land area
The total land area is 710.4 square kilometers and 30236 hectares. Of them 9176 hectares owned by the government. The total land area  under water (tanks, reservoirs, irrigation,  and rivers)  is 627 hectares.
Water Resources
Although there are several water flows including Kala Oya, Lunu Oya, Mee Oya, Modara Gam Aru,  Ral  Maduwa  canal,  Mungillaru  canal,  Weli  canal,  Kurusad  aru,  Uthumadu  aru  and  large 2 number  of  small  tanks  situated  across  the  DS  Division  there  is  a  severe  water  shortage  and drought in July, August and September every year.
Role performed at Divisional Secretory
Name                                                  From  To
Mr. L. C. L. S. Mahanama  1991 1992
Mr. M. Jayathilaka 1993 1994
Mr. G. D. Nimalasena 1994 1995
Mr. M. H. Moynudeen 1995 2001
Mr. H. M. Somathilaka 2001 2002
Mr. A. M. R. J. K. Jayasingha 2002 2011
Mr. W. A. Ravindra Wickramasingha   2012 2015
Mrs. H. M. Sanjeewani Herath 2015 2018
Mr. Chathuraka Jayasingha 2018  2021
Mr.S.M.P.Nandasena 2021 Present
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